I was one of those people who never took time for myself, who always put others first, and who always sacrificed “for the greater good.”  Sounds awesome, right?  Well, I was also one of those people who based my value as a human in how other people saw me, who always cared what other people thought, and who never felt like I was “doing enough.”  My self-esteem was in the toilet, my weight was out of control, and it came down to one of two choices: I could continue to spin into the abyss or I could take some time to work on me.

I tried everything you could possibly imagine, and sometimes I was successful in changing the way my body looked.  However, it never stuck for very long, and I was always focused on my weight.  Finally, I discovered Beachbody.  While Beachbody was not necessarily a new discovery (I mean, I already had a love/hate relationship with Shaun T), I finally found a community of support.  I slowly started to share my journey with others and find inspiration in others’ stories.  So, I bit the bullet and became a coach.



Becoming a coach didn’t amazingly change my life, nor did it immediately change the view of myself.  I knew I needed to continue to work on myself, but I just felt lost.  I have the “dream job” that I’m good at, and the perfect family, but I knew I still needed something for me, for my soul.  It’s funny, the universe has a way of knowing exactly what you need.  In February 2017, I attended the Shaun T Experience in Indianapolis, IN, and it changed my life.  It finally connected that I needed to work on my brain and the way in which I talk to myself.  I needed to show up for myself.  For so long, I had just been going through the motions.  When I finally started showing up and actually working on myself, everything changed.  I started to feel better, to be more confident, to stand up for myself….without losing a pound.  I learned the weight was just a symptom of something greater.  When I started working on the inside, the outside has started to follow suit.

This does not (by any means) mean that I am perfect. I struggle. I have lazy days and fat days.  I have days when I don’t want to do anything, but I’m learning and I’m growing.  Through private accountability groups, I have been able to show up for myself consistently and move forward in this journey of ME.  I have started treating myself with respect and kindness.  I also believe that, if others start to show themselves the kindness they expect from others, we can move mountains.

My goal is to share my experiences, my struggles, and my successes.  I hope to inspire others to take on the journey of making themselves a project and working on chasing dreams and knocking down barriers.  If you’re ready to knock down some walls and give yourself a major renovation – whether it’s to lose weight, quit your job, or chase your dreams, I will be right there with you! It’s what I do.  All you have to do is take the first step – and we will be here for you all the way!!